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How to Have a Stress Free Life?

How to Have a Stress Free Life?

Who doesn’t want a stress free life? But is it even possible to completely eliminate stress from your life? Well, I am not going to lie here. Stress is a part of life and you may reduce it by introducing some changes in your lifestyle, thought process, and reactions but you can never completely eliminate it. However, even changing your approach towards stress can help you a lot and your life will be almost as good as having a stress free life.

Don’t Think About Something You Can’t Change

Don’t Think About Something You Can’t Change

We usually stress about things that are out of our hands. You  have literally no control over things that either happened in the past or might happen in the future. So stressing about the same makes least sense but here we are thinking about the same scenario again and again, letting the thought take the best of us, affect our sleep, routine, relationships, lifestyle, and diet. You are not alone, we all have been there and with experience I can tell you this is never going to help you. Stressing about things that you cannot change is as useless as you can imagine.

And you know what’s the worst part? We all know it is useless and we should not indulge in it yet we are forced into it every single time. It’s easy to say for someone to not stress about things that you can’t change but for someone who is stressed, this advice does not work because they don’t know how to stop.

Well, for starters, distracting yourself or physically removing yourself from the situation can help. Simply switch to something else. Start working on something, do the household chores, watch a movie or series, read a book, go out for a meal or walk, or maybe spend some time with your friends.

If you still cannot stop thinking about it, it is better to embrace the thought. Talk about it with someone or write it and try to find the solution. If there is nothing you can do, tell yourself why you can’t do anything and should instead leave and move on. When you talk to yourself about the situation like a second person, there is a chance that you will understand the situation better.

Make Time for Yourself

Your time and attention towards yourself can reduce your stress significantly. Make time for yourself, preferably in the morning. In this time do every activity that can calm you down and promote positive thinking and relaxation. You can choose to meditate, work out, write your thoughts in a journal, practice yoga, have a healthy breakfast and coffee, say affirmations, and listen to calming music. When you take out time for yourself, you let yourself open up with you and this is extremely important because stress can affect your relationship with yourself and this can further trigger your mental health and stress.

Do Not Multitask

Do Not Multitask

When you multitask, you simply set yourself up for double stress for absolutely no sane reason. Always prioritize tasks, write them down, and work on one task at a time. Trust me this way you will complete the tasks faster and the stress will be far less than when you choose to juggle between multiple tasks. Nothing good will come out of multitasking, instead, you will end up exhausting yourself.

Write Everything Down

Writing your thoughts down can help you get rid of them. From journaling and writing morning pages to making a to-do list everyday, any kind of writing you practice is going to reduce your stress. When you keep everything in your head, it is obvious that your thoughts are going to create a mess inside your head. Declutter your head by removing as many thoughts as you can. Pen down everything in a notebook and now work on everything according to their importance and deadline. Also, your to-do list should contain everything from professional to personal tasks. Make different to-do lists if you please but have everything listed for your own sake.

Take Professional Help

Take Professional Help

Instead of doing everything on your own, take help from your friends, family, or professionals wherever you can. This way you can divide your stress and get everything done on time. There can be times when your stress would be because of your safety. In that case as well, hiring a close protection officer is recommended. 

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