5 Insects That Are Great for Your Garden

5 Insects That Are Great for Your Garden

Are you a victim of Entomophobia? Don’t worry it is not a life terminating disease but the mere fear of insects that is often referred to as entomophobia. About 6% of the US population is believed to suffer from this fear. This makes for quite a big chunk of the American population which is terrified of the little insects that are so small in comparison to the size of a human that we can easily step over them and kill them. However scary these insects might be, some of them are pretty important in our lives. Let us go through the list of 5 insects that could prove to be great for your garden

Lady bugs

These cute little bugs are almost as friendly as they look, which is quite a lot. Ladybirds are probably the only kind of bugs we aren’t really afraid of. These bugs are polka dot beauties, who range between the sizes 1 mm to 10 mm. Both in larvae as well as the adult stage they prey on pests and aphids and other soft-bodied bugs. Having these cute bugs in your garden can save you a lot many pennies on the overall cost of pesticides. Hence having a few of them can solve the issue of a mite infestation in your garden as soon as possible.


Another important insect that should be in plenty in a healthy garden blossoming with the right kind of plants and flowers is earthworms. These insects are responsible for diving through the soil and delivering all kinds of nutrients and such on their journey. Providing overall drainage and a stable structure also increases both the air and water circulation in the soil creating the perfect setting for the most effective growth of the plants in your garden. So however creepy might they look to you, having them will only boost the kind of growth in your personal garden.

Ground Beetle

Ground beetles as the name suggests are insects that crawl all over the ground of your gardens. As they are most active during nighttime they are the perfect solution for the pests that attack your plants during the nights. They can effectively work in eliminating slugs, caterpillars, snails and cutworms that are present in your garden and can prove to be harmful for your plants. During the day these beetles remain hidden under rocks or in between soil crevices. Their larvae are also beneficial by preying on pests at or below the soil surface.

Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis can successfully exterminate any bug or insect and in some cases even each other. They are pretty much like the terminator. Young mantis mainly feed on aphids, mosquitoes and caterpillars whereas the adult ones can basically consume anything from a full fledged butterfly, cricket, moth to bumblebees and hummingbirds. Be careful of them if your garden has no mites as they can then start feeding on even the important and necessary insects of your garden. The presence of insects is extremely important in the life of your garden like delta-8 THC probably is in your life. And the way West Word tells you which are the best delta 8 THC brands out there, this blog is your holy grail for the most important bugs and insects in your garden.


Bees are the insects which probably carry the weight of the survival of the world on their little shoulders, sorry wings. Whether you’re growing vegetables, fruits or any other important nutritional plant, bees are needed for pollination. If they are not a part of your garden you’d have to self pollinate which isn’t something that is possible or feasible so easily, it requires a large amount of commitment on your part. Why should you reach a stage like that when you can simply introduce bees in your garden space and notice the boost in the vibrant ecosystems and biodiversity of the plants. 

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