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6 Hanging Plants to Keep Indoor Air Fresh

6 Hanging Plants to Keep Indoor Air Fresh

Are you thinking of adding fresh and healthy attributes to your home decor?

No better way to do this than getting some of the mother nature home. Regardless of how big or small your living space is, there are several ways you can create a home for indoor plants.

Plants keep the indoor air clean and add new colors to your home. Especially helpful if you are prone to using weed cartridges in the house. They are photogenic and contribute to your health. You can put them in ladder stands, stick them in terrarium pots, or just keep them on the top of a side table. However, ceiling spaces at home are often left untouched and hanging planters could be a great way to utilize it.

You can choose among kinds of hanging baskets, clay pots or home made hanging methods to add natural green to your interiors. 

Have a look at 6 hanging plants you should get home to keep indoor air fresh and clean.

Bird’s Nest Fern

Nest ferns belong to the epiphytes family in the wild. They can latch onto other plants and fully grow on them. You can find these plants with leaves of different shapes, as they often modify with the amount of sunlight they receive. More sun exposure will produce scrunched up leaves, whereas if you keep these plants in darker places leaves tend to be more flattened out.

They are mostly found in rainforests and are an ideal choice for bathroom decors, as humidity in such settings is close to their natural environment.

English Ivy

You might have seen herbs covering the brick or stone walls on a building’s exterior. That’s English Ivy providing an experience of living in the wild from the comfort of home. You can get the beautiful Ivy effect to your interiors as well, and for a contained look can grow these plants in a hanging basket. 

Your guests would certainly admire the elegant vines and dangling leaves of English Ivy in your living room.

Burro’s Tail

Burro’s tail comes under succulent family and has minimal watering requirements. Their thick and bushy leaves can retain water for long periods of time, which makes them an ideal indoor plant. They are easy to care for, and fit best in wide spaces where their fleshy leaves are free to trail down without bumping into anything.

You can keep Burro’s tail in large hanging baskets along with colorful succulents for an   intrinsic look.

Arrowhead Plant

Arrowhead plants are often called five fingers or vines. They get their name from their  pointed leaves which keeps on changing shapes as they grow. These leaves start growing as an arrow headed in the beginning and then eventually turns into long vines over time. These plants look beautiful in the bedrooms and you can hang them with hemp ropes in baskets or pots of different colors.

They grow well in humid environments and are a good match for bathroom and kitchen environments.

Golden Pothos

Golden pothos is an elegant indoor hanging plant that sports varicolored golden yellow leaves. They require a moderate amount of daylight and are one of the best indoor plants to keep the air clean. Golden pothos cleanses the airborne toxins and promotes healthy sleep. 

It’s a good idea to dangle these plants in your bedroom to get the most air purifying benefits.

Chenille Plant

Chenille plants can grow up to 15 feet in its natural environment, and can be grown domestically as well. With proper care and pruning these plants promote healthy growth and look beautiful as hanging plants. Their fuzzy red flowers with big leaves in shades of dark green makes it stand out from the common all green houseplant.

Chenille plants are great for dining room decor and bring an interesting pop of color to the interiors.

Maidenhair Fern

Maidenhair ferns is an appealing indoor hanging plant that got its name from its graceful looks. It features green foliage and grows purple leaves, and is a perfect hanging plant to keep indoors. It’s safe for pets and grows well in humid and moderate light spaces.

Maidenhair fern grow well in moist soil and self watering pots could work great for this plant.

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Now that you have a fair knowledge of what type of plants you can hang indoors. It’s a good idea to invest in some DIY hanging pots or baskets. This would add a personal touch to your home decor and would allow you to shed your innovation into indoor planting.

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