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6 Easy Ways to Incorporate More Veggies in Your Diet

“Have fruits and vegetables if you want to lead a fruitful life”, you must have heard this or something along the same lines about hundreds of times from your parents whenever you were making a face at the prospect of eating a vegetable or a fruit you didn’t particularly like. Eating vegetables is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy and well balanced diet. And to maintain a good diet is integral in leading a healthy life where you are at your best possible physical and mental condition. 

Incorporating veggies in the day to day diet might prove to be a little difficult for some, here are a few simple ways for those people to include more veggies in their diet.

Try to Include Them in Shakes or Smoothies 

One of the healthiest morning meals or after workout meals for many people is a simple shake or smoothie that is rich in protein, vitamins or certain minerals. It is then super easy to include veggies in these shakes or smoothies. All you need to do is simply add spinach or chard or the greens which aren’t particularly tasty to eat as a standalone meal. It makes sense for you to then include them in a shake where you won’t even be able to taste the bitter taste of these veggies.

Use Them in Sandwiches  

Probably the most perfectly suited meal that is made to include veggies in a delicious way is a good sandwich. Stuff less meat between the pieces of the bread and instead go for the greens. It would be the best meal if you could include vegetables like avocado, lettuce and cabbage in between the fluffy breads. 

Put Them in Your Soups as Much as You Can 

Veggies go well with every soup and stew in the market. But if you require suggestions what you can do is put kale in your Italian soups and Swiss chard for the bean based soup recipes. The possibilities are endless. What you need to do is find the one that works best for your most preferred type of soup. 

Use Them in Dishes Like Pasta 

For a dish like pasta you can simply replace the basil in the recipe with healthy veggies like spinach and you won’t even taste the difference. Without tasting anything different you will definitely increase your healthy nutrients intake. So the next time you’re sipping on your favorite wine or popping the best delta-8 gummies in your mouth while cooking the pasta recipe that probably your grandmother taught you, remember to replace the basil with either kale or spinach.

Introduce Veggies in Your Favorite Recipe of Omelettes 

Another healthy way to incorporate veggies in your diet is by chopping them up and introducing them in your favorite recipe of omelettes. There is no limit to the type of vegetable you can put inside your scrambled eggs, from the good old spinach to mushrooms and capsicums any veggie of your choice can be introduced in your diet to make it yummy as well as healthy.

Sautee Them Olive Oil and Garlic

You can use certain veggies as a side dish or a healthy snack. Just saute a bunch of chopped kale in olive oil by putting it in a pan with garlic and add a touch of pepper flakes and a red wine vinegar to create a drool worthy quick to eat, side dish. This way of sauteing of veggies also ensures the cancellation of all kinds of bitterness that some of these green veggies naturally have. 


Apart from these 6 ways there are many other ways in which an average person can introduce veggies in their day to day diet. These specified ways are particularly helpful for those people who continuously struggle in including veggies in their diets. Hopefully this blog has helped you in creating and then maintaining a healthy diet which is delicious but also full of nutrients. 

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