How to Train a New Dog to Use The Garden?

Congratulations on bringing home a lovable dog! You might have introduced your new family member to other members in the home, and made it familiar with the interiors of your home. And, obviously, the garden where he is going to spend a good amount of time playing.

But, wait? In your garden, You have a wide range of well-grown plants and flowers for which you have worked very hard. Your pet may damage them. Whether buying dogs for protection or emotional assistance,  you will need to teach them how to use the garden. Read on to learn how to train your pet to use the garden.

Training Your Dog to Use The Garden

Training is important. It helps your dog to learn what you want from it and avoid things that you don’t like. Here are some of the best ways to train your lovable pet to respect the garden.

Take Dog to Short Visits to The Garden

Teach your dog to stay in an accident-free environment and learning undesirable behavior that may cause problems in the future. Initially, take the dog at home most of the time. Gradually, take it to short visits to the garden and be with him all the time. This way, your dog will get familiar with plants, butterflies, water, etc., and won’t get distracted with them. 

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It’s good to create a small play area for your dog in the garden where you can keep things like a bed, toys, chews, etc. When feeding, make sure you feed him in that area. This will help him learn that the area belongs to him.

Be With Your Dog

An untrained dog doesn’t know what’s right and what’s wrong. You need to train him properly. When taking him to short walks in the garden, always monitor his activities. If you notice any undesirable behavior, interrupt right away. Encourage him to adopt an appropriate behavior instead. For instance, you can use a kissy noise to get him around the toys available in the garden. Your major focus should be on learning your dog’s behavior and replacing bad habits with positive ones. If you don’t do that, your pet will learn undesirable things, which will increase problems in your life.

Teach Him to Be Alone

As a wise owner, you try to spend as much time with your new dog. What if you get busy sometimes and don’t have someone to take care of your lovable pet? Thus, you need to teach your dog how to stay alone if necessary. But, before you do that, learn about your dog’s health. If your dog is suffering from separation anxiety, a professional positive reinforcement trainer can help him be normal and how to spend time alone.

Additionally, you should introduce your dog with your neighbors and close friends. Why so? Because they can take care of your dog in case you have to be away from home for long periods.

Let Him Know What You Expect

Your garden contains a wide range of plants, flowers, and grass, etc. Most dogs damage them chewing them and passing through them, thus creating extra work for their owners. Within a couple of minutes, a bored dog can turn the space into a disaster area. If your dog does the same, you need to teach him that it’s not good. However, to prevent your well-grown plants and flowers, you can add fencing and barriers.

Giving rewards is the best way to encourage your dog to develop good habits. Every time your dog does what you want, treat him. Similarly, if he does the opposite, don’t give the treat. This way, your dog’s brain will adopt good behavior.

Don’t Be Angry

We experience uncontrollable anger sometimes. That’s OK, but don’t show anger in front of your dog. Avoid using an angry voice or threatening your dog. This is because your dog can learn to do undesirable things when you aren’t around. However, you can search on the internet for effective ways to train your dog quickly. By refraining from being angry with your dog, it will react the same way when with you as it does when alone. And, that is a great achievement. 

Leave Your Dog in The Garden Alone

This is the most important step. You should leave your dog alone after you trust that he will do what he has been taught. Don’t leave him alone if you aren’t sure about his behavior. Initially, you should leave him outside for short periods and gradually increase the time. However, noticing his activities alone secretly during the initial days is a great way to ensure that he is trained. If you note some undesirable behaviors, work on them carefully.

However, you should interact with your dog often in the garden when he is doing good. This way he won’t learn barking or digging. Bring new toys and treats for your dog regularly so that he doesn’t bore playing with old stuff.

In conclusion, most dogs love digging and chewing things in the garden, and with proper training, you can teach your new pet to avoid these undesirable behaviors. Take your dog to the garden for short periods, and monitor his activities. Give a treat every time he does a desirable activity. Also, you should also plant dog-friendly plants in the garden to ensure the safety of the pet, and install fencing and barriers to prevent plants from getting damaged by him.

It’s good to train your dog to behave properly in the home. However, to avoid any problem when living your emotional support animal in a rental apartment, make sure you get an ESA letter signed by a licensed therapist.

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