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Tips to Win The Bug-Free Gardening Game

You have made a lot of effort in making your garden a perfect one. And we are sure that you don’t want to share it with an army of insects and bugs. Great plunder to your garden, bugs are always in search of your ripen fruits. They change the entire outlook of your garden by biting every fruit in no days. Fortunately, there are some ways to keep these unwanted guests away from your yard. Try these techniques persistently, and you’ll definitely win the gardening game. So, let’s read to win the bug-free gardening game.

Space Your Plants Accurately

Being a gardening enthusiast, you care for your plants a lot. But, insects are always out of your reach. Sometimes, using insecticides is not even a better option. In that case, by spacing your plants accurately at a certain distance, you can protect your garden. There are various benefits of spacing plants properly. By ensuring that plants do not come into contact with each other, you limit the entry of bugs in your garden. Additionally, proper spacing helps them to grow better and quick.

Grow Guarding Plants

Plants need a shield to protect themselves. And there’s nothing better than providing them with the green protection. Many of the plant breeds work as a guard to protect your garden crops. So, without any second thoughts, you should install guard plants to keep the pesky bugs away. The real benefit of planting guard plants is that they entirely repel the pests.

Moreover, they also become the alternative food source for the pests. However, keep it in mind that they cannot mitigate all the stubborn feeding agents. To help your plants, you have to research the most common bug threats in your area. And then accordingly, you have to manage your crops. 

Install Net Barriers

Now, you are aware that guard plants cannot keep all the dangers away. In such a case, what and who will help you? Indeed, your eagerness to protect your plants and some net barriers. Use fences and nets to thwart the entry of birds, and other mammals. Access denial is one of the best methods people use worldwide to protect their gardens. Undoubtedly, whether your garden is a big or small one, your plants need a cover from all the predators. Apart from this, soft nets help your plants to stand straight. And that, in turn, promotes crop growth to a large extent.


Sometimes, weeds are the plants that attract pests in the garden. From there, the bugs get the chance to feed on your garden, and they make your backyard a lunch space. Here, you can see that the bigger problem is unwanted plants. Mulching can help you in that need of the hour. It’s always good to mulch any trees you have, but mulching fruit trees is crucial. It is a process that gives you the largest and the healthiest crop possible. Also, mulching helps in retaining moisture, moderating soil temperature, and prevents the growth of weeds. This way, you’re the one who makes your lawn place ‘a no lunch space’ for the insects. 

Hand Picking

This one is the oldest technique used by growing lovers. We would love to call it the most practical way to remove unwanted bugs from your crops. Just make some time and take a walk in your garden. Look out for the adult insects, nymphs, clumps of young larvae, and pick them off. Mostly in fruit gardens, growers battle with nocturnal moths. Try to capture these stubborn moths with the help of light traps. Remember, after handpicking all the insects from your garden, dispatching them rightly is significant. Put them in the soapy water solution, and dispose of that water properly. By following this practice daily, you can ensure no harm to your plants.

Use Organic Pesticides

Indeed, there are some moths which your eyes cannot see, but they’re feeding down on your plants. To stop them, organic pesticides are your solution. All the above means, there are some chances to miss out on some of the pests. So, in that case, pesticides can prevent your plants from damage. It is always safe to use organic pesticides. But, before spraying them on your crops, read all the instructions and follow them carefully. 


In a nutshell, your effort is the key that leads to make you a gardening king. The way you have worked to plant the crops in your yard, the same enthusiasm is required until harvest. So, keep your garden healthy and fruity by keeping it pest-free. And surely, these techniques will make you successful in winning all the bug battles. 

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