Cities That Add Value to Your Europe Tour

Indeed, Europe is a dream continent. People save for years just to fulfill their desire to visit the vibrant cities of the place. If you’re one of them, it’s imperative to know about the towns that actually adds up to your memories. Additionally, those who are looking for making their honeymoon vacation memorable, European capitals are their ultimate destination. By the way, you don’t have to think much; just be ready to experience the goosebumps. From the arts to music, history to museums, Europe has everything to offer. Let’s have a glimpse of all those cities together.


For visiting the capital city, London, you need to make a huge list. Yes, the superiority of the city doesn’t only lie in the world-class British museums. It has many things to attract you. If you’re coming back without witnessing the charm of musical at the western side, believe this, you are losing a big thing. The Tower of London is on your list, we know! But what about the local pubs and experiencing the entire British architecture? This is uncertain that life will give you one more opportunity to see the city. Grab the opportunity and roam as much as you can.


When in Rome, do what Romans do! The city of Rome must be followed after London in your dream Europe visit. The historical sites of the town are the most eye-catching things. They stand proudly at every turn of the city. Well, well, well! You are in Rome; it’s compulsory to see the beauty and elegance of Colosseum. After that, the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica, and Trevi Fountain are awaiting you. Apart from these, if you want to spend some more time, the Spanish Steps and the Roman Forum can add more images to your Instagram handle.


The capital of France, Paris, is famous as the best vacation site across the world. Every year thousands of couples pay a visit to this city. Right after you reach Paris, start visiting archives and churches one by one. As it’s the place where you’ll find the most monuments and Jesus’s houses. And how can we forget the iconic site of the Eiffel Tower? One more good news! You can sip the best vine of your life in Paris. Just, once the sun sleeps, sit in any of the open cafes of the city and enjoy the drawn-out meals. And believe us, you’ll not forget the ambiance of the place your entire life. 


All the football lovers love to score the place in their priority visits. There’s no doubt that Barcelona is different from the other cities in Europe. The credit goes to the diverse architecture of the site that makes it apart from European destinations. The most colorful and must watch spots of the town include Catedral De Barcelona, Montjuic castle, Gaudi’s Park Guell, and many more medieval buildings. When you get tired of walking around the astonishing architecture, go to La Barceloneta Beach and enjoy the local food of the city tapas. And yes, don’t forget to experience one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. 


If you want to enjoy the canal-side rambling, book your tickets for Amsterdam now. For weed lovers, the place is a great relaxation. The city has many attractions for the youth crowd, but surprisingly, it’s becoming a romantic gateway. When you shop through the beautiful streets of the town, it’s beyond imagination. Canal biking, Anne Frank, Vincent van Gogh, and lazing in the Vondelpark, the city is excellent to pick for every traveler. Don’t believe what others told you about Amsterdam, visit and become a true witness of this mind-blowing city.


Are you looking for a fairy-tale-like destination to surprise your partner? Prague is not less than a magical land. The views of the city are phenomenal. And the plus is that the trip to Prague is less pricey as compared to the other towns of entire Europe. So, you can think about it! The storied churches of the city, hilltop castles, narrow streets, and lined bridges, all look like a dream home of fairies. Earlier, Prague was a secret city, but with time, the gems of the city overshadowed, and now every vacation season, it draws thousands of visitors. The Historic Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, and the multi-storied hotels are some of the famous attractions of the city. All in all, the Capital city of Czech is hugely fascinating and affordable.


Venice is the favorite city of all Bollywood directors. The infrastructure of the town is so scenic that it looks like an excellent 3D poster. We bet that everyone once dreams about gondola ride surely when they look at the images of the city. With plenty of churches, art galleries, museums, St. Mark’s Basilica, Rialto Bridge, and eateries, the town gives you all the tingling feeling. To experience why all the travelers call Venice an enchanting city, you have to see the city on water. Indeed, there’s nothing better than enjoying the water taxi ride. You’ll love the disorientation of the city when you visit it. 


To experience the authentic feel of Italy, there’s no better place other than Florence. The amazing architecture and stunning mouthwatering meals are something you were looking for years. Situated amidst the Tuscan hills, Florence is a shadow of European history. The romantic charm, unforgettable sunsets, and Renaissance art are the things you’ll love about the city. 


Music and Monarchs, Vienna city is all about these two things only. The music museum of the city draws the maximum number of visitors every vacation. And yes, most of them are music worshippers. Apart from this, if anyone likes a distinct form of music, Opera, Vienna State Opera can fix your evening well. A well-educated city and no books, how can it be possible? So, if you’re in search of a book and you didn’t find it anywhere, you’ll definitely discover it in the old bookstores of the city. So, you can see yourself; the city is about encompassing art the most. 


To sum up, there’s no doubt that the beauty of all the European cities is beyond imagination. But, missing on the above will be a significant loss, if you’re going to Europe. And if you’re still planning, don’t keep your eyes away from the pure beauty and elegance. These are just the highlights, though. When you actually visit the above cities, you’ll be more than delighted. 

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