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Everything That Happened In The Food Industry in 2019

Every time one sees the food industry the common sentiment is exactly how much can an industry which forms an integral part of our lives change and mold to different crazes and fads that enter it. The last year saw the entrance of unicorn food which if you think about is basically just dyed common foods. A huge part of our diets is what we see all over social media at that given point of time. Social media has begun to influence just more than what we end up wearing. it is a complete domination of what we eat, where we stay and more than anything how we spend. Let’s take a deep dive into what we expect will be flooding your taste palates. 

Tahini Is The New Peanut Butter   

The first wave of tahini can in a couple of years ago when people realized that sesame seeds that are ground are armed with a lot more flavor than what they realize. And now its usage has moved beyond savory foods now. Sweets that previously used peanut butter are now moving towards this gorgeous concoction. 

Fast Food Delivery

The model of drive-through is a classic but with the growing traffic and the growing reluctance to actually get out of the house has now made fast-food chains look to partner with delivery partners. Starbucks is testing delivery with UberEats, While KFC and Taco Bell are partnered with GrubHub. One chain far ahead in this fight would be Chick-A-Fil. 


All the cool kids are at it and so should you. One clear distinction CBD will not get you high. It will just calm you down, reduce insomnia and provide pain relief. So CBD is on a roll. From coffee to gummy bears to sparkling water everyone is coming up with their own version of this non-psychoactive agent.  

Milkshake IPA 

No, they are not some adult-friendly version of root beer, they, however, are Ales brewed with lactose to give them a fuller body. Its glorified beer people. They are relatively new additions to the market so even the Beer Judge Certification program has not formally categorized it yet. 

Go Vegan 

Let’s be truthful, it started as a joke and now it is anything but one. Once upon a time, it was the hippies wearing Birkenstock that would call themselves a vegan. Now with the cruelty and awareness regarding animal farming to the forefront Veganism has gone mainstream. Impossible Foods and Beyond meat are both pioneers of this changing ideology. 

Superstar Cabbage 

The same way cauliflower had a resurgence, cabbage too is making its way to glory. Healthy eaters are looking for alternatives to the meat and cabbage is more than happy to oblige. Enchiladas, chips and lasagne, anything that can have a cabbage version is creating a cabbage version. 

Orange Is The New Wine

Orange is a new kind of wine but rather white wine made the way red is made. There is nothing new about the process but it’s only when you gain traction that you feature on the list. 

Sip and Sleep

If the world is to be believed absolutely everything in the market is designed to deprive you of sleep. That is why brands are on their way to come up with a potion that knocks you out but without the use of any tricky ingredients. Hence the tea. Sleepytime tea is a growing category and most brands have already jumped on the bandwagon to help you sleep. 

Breakfast is King 

The importance of breakfast has remained unchallenged. Whether cheap or indulgent, brands continue to add to their breakfast range. Birch blenders have a range of paleo pancake flour which is almond flour-based and Kellogg’s has added probiotics to its cereal. 

Say No To Added Sugar

The new FDA guidelines have led brands to disclose the actual amount of sugar they have added to their product. This has led almost every brand to change their strategy on how they want to approach marketing their high sugar content products. 

Za’atar On The Rise

A Middle Eastern spice mix which has oregano, thyme, sumac, ground sesame seeds, and salt is making its way out of that corner to become a new craze here. 

Sea of Change

Roasted seaweed is popular but what about salmon skin? kelp jerky? puffed water lily seeds? The market for snacks coming from the ocean are on the rise. Whole Foods has even seen preferences switch from meat-based snacks to healthier sea-based ones. 

Not So Perfect Produce 

Vegetables are taking center stage and people are realizing that produce isn’t always going to look pretty and they are okay with it. It has gone from aesthetically pleasing to nutritionally fulfilling. 

Fat is Fine

Call it the Keto craze or something else but fats are now okay. Healthy fats like avocado, nuts, and salmon are all considered acceptable as long as had in moderation. 

So these are just some of the foods that have begun to take center stage in this food revolution. The truth is that trends will come and go but there is just one life and we need to ensure we make the most of it. So go eat whatever makes you happy.  

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