Welcome to the new AceKilroy.com!

Hello, Ace’s Allies, it’s been far too long!

As some of you know, our old Ace Kilroy site was down for a while. It got hacked (probably by some Nazi saboteurs) and it took us some time to get everything straightened out. But thanks to web guru Jeff Kilroy (yes, that’s his real name, and no, no relation) we now have this brand-new site and now AceKilroy.com is better than ever before!

As you’ve seen on our social media pages, Season 3 of Ace Kilroy is still to come, but Dan and I thought it’d be fun to finally realize another mini Ace adventure we produced a while back: Ace and Ellie in “Wish You Were Here.” Originally intended to run as an exclusive at a comic con, it got shelved when we ended up not doing the show. Since it’s such a summer-y thing, we decided just to hold onto it until summer came around again. Now that the 2015 summer season is winding down, we thought it’d be a fun way to kick off the new site. We hope you enjoy it!

We’ll have the official announcement of when Season 3 is starting soon, but we hope you check back in here often, because you never know when Ace will turn up!

Thanks again for your all your support, and keep ’em flying!

Rob Kelly