The complete first season of ACE KILROY, which ran October 31, 2011 - April 15, 2012. Also contains bonus features like Behind-The-Scenes material and one-shot strips by series creators Rob Kelly and Dan O'Connor.

  • BW/Color
  • 60 Pages
  • $6 ppd


The complete second season of ACE KILROY, which ran from August 6, 2012 - June 16, 2013. Also features bonus material like Fill-In Week, How To Draw Ace Kilroy and "Gone Fishin'", an all-new Ace Kilroy adventure!

  • BW/Color
  • 64 Pages
  • $6 ppd

Ace Kilroy: The Curious Command of Col. Krup

A solo adventure featuring ACE KILROY: SEASON 1's Col. Krup, plus a bonus ACE KILROY: TALE OF ADVENTURE pulp story!

  • BW
  • 16 Pages
  • $2 ppd

Ace Kilroy: The Interview

Ace's report to the government about the events of ACE KILROY: SEASON 1.

  • BW
  • 32 Pages
  • $3 ppd

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