THE YEAR IS 1937. Another World War is brewing in Europe, and the United States government, headed by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, is doing all it can to prepare. However, recent intelligence from that part of the world has uncovered an even more disturbing, almost unbelievable, set of facts: that the world’s worst supernatural monsters, thought only to be the stuff of nightmares, are real! Even worse, that Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich has unleashed a multi-pronged effort to turn those monsters to the side of the axis powers!

President Roosevelt, backed by a small band of his most trusted advisers, has commissioned decorated World War One veteran and soldier of fortune Ace Kilroy to go undercover and deal with these threats at all costs!


Ace Kilroy

William “Ace” Kilroy was born in San Francisco, sometime after the turn of the century (conflicting records as to the specific date). The scion of a wealthy shipping magnate, Kilroy and his younger sister were put in the care of an uncle when their parents were killed in an accident.The uncle subsequently squandered the family fortune, and Kilroy ran away from home.

Kilroy then wandered the country, working in various jobs all over the United States. Incomplete reports suggest he worked in a circus, a coal mine, aboard a steamer ship, as a “runner” for a New York mob, eventually heading back to California.

Lying about his age, he joined the British Royal Flying Corps in 1916, amassing a distinguished record. Upon learning he was underage, he was discharged, only to join the United States Army Air Service where he served in WW I, earning most of the medals and commendations available. After the war, he became a solider of fortune, and traveled the world. Many of his subsequent exploits cannot be confirmed.

After striking up a friendship with then-Assistant Secretary of the Navy Franklin Roosevelt, Kilroy became a “special agent” after Roosevelt became President of the United States. In 1937 Kilroy was assigned to a covert branch; details of his first mission remain classified.

Further information as it becomes available.

Ellie West

Ellie Mabel West met Ace Kilroy sometime in the early 1930s during Kilroy’s travels across the United States.

West grew up on a Kansas farm, along with her father (West’s mother died when she was nine). When she was in her early 20s, she fell in with Kilroy, much to her father’s displeasure. After an alleged incident involving West’s father attempting to kill Kilroy, the two ended their relationship, much to West’s displeasure.

Not too long after Kilroy headed back to California, West left the family farm and had her own series of experiences. She worked as a model, a teacher, a reporter for the French newspaper L’Humanité, eventually ending up in Hollywood, where she again ran into Kilroy.

The status of their relationship now is unknown, but not too long after reuniting in California, Kilroy went overseas. It’s there he started working as a solider of fortune, only returning to America recently. As of this writing, West remains in California as a screenwriter.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Secretary of State Cordell Hull

Franklin Roosevelt is the 32nd President of the United States. Realizing that the Nazis are a greater threat than the rest of the world does, Roosevelt has commissioned his old friend Ace Kilroy to go undercover and deal with extraordinary situations.

Cordell Hull is Roosevelt’s Secretary of State, in charge of following Kilroy’s missions on a day to day basis, and for keeping it classified, even from most of the rest of the government.

Sen. Sheckley Calhoun

Sheckley Calhoun (R-ME) is the senior United States Senator from Maine, now in his fourth term.

One of the fiercest opponents of President Roosevelt’s “New Deal”, Calhoun has made a name for himself as a Senator who will question every single expenditure, fight every instance of what he perceives as Roosevelt’s overreach.

Not satisfied with President Roosevelt’s vague answers as where some government money is going in regards to “special missions overseas”, Calhoun is determined to get to the bottom of this whole “Ace Kilroy business.”

Col. Franz Krup

Col. Krup quickly rose to power in Hitler’s Third Reich, consolidating power even at the expense of his fellow Nazis.

More comfortable than others in regards to Hitler’s fascination with the supernatural, Krup was personally selected to oversee the mission in Transylvania, the full details of which have not yet been declassified.

Unknown (aka “Dracula”)

Very little is known about the man known in certain circles as “Dracula.” Reports indicate he was in control of a small village in Transylvania, keeping its citizens in place for his own purposes. He had an encounter with Ace Kilroy in 1937, which remains classified.


There is virtually no reliable information as the young Romanian girl known as “Anca.” She lived in the small, unmapped village that Special Agent Kilroy discovered during his mission in Transylvania, and befriended him.

According to Kilroy’s report, it was Anca’s sisters Mara and Dorina (see file) that were instrumental in converting local citizens into Nazi sympathizers, as well as infecting them with some form of a virus which causes the victim to believe they are vampires. Anca was taken captive by the German officers, but rescued by Special Agent Kilroy.

According to Kilroy’s report, Anca helped him complete his mission.

Dr. Frankenstein

The latest in a long line of Frankensteins obsessed with supernatural experiments, Dr. Frankenstein’s work was discovered by the Nazis and was targeted by them so they could learn what he knows.